MSc & PhD Programs


Special Education - MSc with Thesis



  • To educate qualified and competent, intellectual education specialist who posesses the universal science person qualities in the subject of education and research, and in Special Education field nationaly and internationally.



*OZE 501 – Seminar


*OZE 503 - Language Problems of Handicapped Children

  • During the course, each group characterized as mental retardation; chromosome anomalies (Down syndrome, Fragile X); language learning difficulties; specific language problems; delays in expressive language; acquired communicative functional disorders (brain damage, aphasia); autism/severe developmental disorders; language disorders by reason of sensorial deficiencies (hearing impaired, visual impaired); disorders due to environmental factors (neglect and abuse); communication in psychiatric disorders (behavioral and social-mental disorders, selective silence); will be identified and discussed in relation to language properties (phonology, morphology, syntax and pragmatics) and etiologic factors (biologic, social-mental and factors) individually.

*OZE 506 - Music Education of Handicapped Children

  • Students attend the course are expected to understand the importance of music education and to use it effectively while working with normally developped and handicapped children.

*OZE 507 - Learning Disabilities of Children

  • Primary aim of the course is to provide information about definition, identification, classification of learning disabilities. Causes and prevention of learning disabilities and educational therapy methods.

*OZE 515 - Using Drama in Special Education of Disabled Children

  • Drama in education tecnics for mentally, physcally retarded, hearing impaired and ill children.

*OZE 518 - Books in Education of Children with Special Needs

  • To discuss the characteristics of picture story books in the education of mentally retarded and hearing impaired children.

*OZE 521 - Psychology of Handicapped Children

  • Social, psychological, personal and sexual developments of handicapped children and their needs in family, school and society and affecting factors.

*OZE 524 - Family Models and Chıld-Family Interaction in Education of Mentally Handicapped Children

  • The purpose of the course is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the education models with family participation and individual for the mentally handicapped children in the family. To inform the situation of the family in the process and relating concepts during this process. The course also aims to provide students with capability to conceive effective projects that comprises the family as well.

OZE 532 - Integration During Childhood

  • The aims of this course are to develop positive attitudes and approaches in handicapped individuals and integration programs, to earn successful practice skills in integrated environment, and to earn the right equipment to be able to counsel for professionals in the field.

*OZE 534 - Education of Mentally Retarded Children in Preschool Years

  • To inform students about the educational programs of mentally retarded childrens during their preschool period. To make students to gain succesful practical abilities in individual and team works of mentally retarded children. To educate the students to be able to guide the prefessionals working with these children.

*OZE 536 - Gifted Children

  • This course aims to show the characteristics and developmental distinctions of gifted children and and also to show the perspectives on identification and education of these children.

*OZE 539 - Educational Programs for Gifted Children

  • Basic information about developmental characteristics and education of gifted children.

*OZE 540 - Special Education Studies in Turkey

  • The expectation from students at the end of the lecture is to gain the basic information, history of special education in Turkey and in the world, today’s situation of special education studies in Turkey and the future of special education in Turkey and use these information for observation and investigation.

*OZE 541 - Education of Visually Impaired Children and Their Families

  • The expectation from students at the end of the lecture is to gain the basic information about education of family and education of visually impaired children.

*OZE 542 - Education of Hospitalized Children and Hospital Schools

  • Hospitalized children, education of hospitalized children, some special programs for hospitalized children, hospital school’s programs.

OZE 543 - Environmentally Deprived Children

  • Studying the negative factors of under privilaged children ages among 0-18 years. Evaluation of an academic success, social and emotional development of preschool, primary school and secondary school children of families from rural districts and squatter’s house districts and children of Turkish workers in foreign countries.

*OZE 544 - Communication and Language Development of Mentally Retarded Children and Adolescent

  • The expectation from students at the end of the lecture is to gain the basic information about communication problems of mentally retarded children and to use this information for searching literature, preparing seminary and writing article.

*OZE 545 - Education of Hearing Impaired Children at Home and Social Environment

  • Supporting development of impaired children at home and social environment.

*OZE 549 - Play and Play Materials for the Hearing Impaired Children

  • Play and play materials for preschool children with hearing loss.

*OZE 553 - Supporting Personal-Social Development on Special Educational Needs

*OZE 555 - Special Educational Provision, Organization and Innovation

  • Primary aim of the course is to develop the ability to assess the efficiency of special education studies within the context of theoretical principals.

OZE 556 - As an Alternative Method for the Education of Children with Hearing Impairment

  • Primary aim of the course is to provide knowledge about maternal reflective method, which is a sistematic approach in the education of hearing impaired children.

*OZE 571 - Family Supervision Services in Special Education

  • To provide students to gain ability to apply different interview techniques for the families having child in different diagnostic groups who needs special education and guidance skills for the education.

*OZE 582 - Art's in Special Education

  • This course will support self esteem of students by art activities in pediatric development and education and also will ensure the students to understand the importance of art techniques while they work with children.

OZE 600 - Thesis Work