MSc & PhD Programs 

Child Development and Education- PhD


  • To educate candidate who is competent in child education and development fields nationally and internationally, reached to the universal level with doctor's degree in child development and education .



*  CGE 700 Thesis Work

*CGE 711 Children and Young Literature

  • Preparing literature and reading program the importance of book in art, creativity and therapy.

* CGE 724 - Concept Development in Preschool Years

  • Theories of concept development. Concept development. Processes of concept development. Acquisition of quantity concepts. Acquisition of shape concepts. Acquisition of size concepts. Acquisition of spatial concepts. Learning numbers and acquisition of counting concepts. Acquisition of temporal concepts.

*CGE 728 - Observation Techniques in Early Childhood Education

  • Evaluation of children among 0-6 years old in different activity areas by using various observation techniques.

*CGE 744 - The Assessment of Language Development of Children

  • Primary aim of the course is to provide knowledge to the students about formal and informal assessment methods of children’s language development and the acqusition of Turkish of the Turkish children.

*CGE 790 - Administration of Preschool Education Centers

  • This course aims to build an understanding at a certain level on management of educational institutions; to define and analyze situations; to take measure suitable for problems encountered in administration process; and to guide concerned professionals

*BIS 735- Biostatistics