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Date and Place of Birth: Ankara, 09.09.1964

Office Address: Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Child Development 06100- Samanpazarı, Ankara-TURKEY.

e-mail: ozcdogan@hacettepe.edu.tr

Academic Promotion and Education (Place, Date and Topic)


Assistant Professor: Hacettepe University, School of Home Economics, Department of Child Development and Education, 2004.


Ph.D.: Hacettepe University, Department of Child Development and Education, 2001.


Doctoral Study: Hacettepe University, Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Child Development and Education.

Subject:  A Study on Speech Influency Characteristics of Children Between 2.5-6 Years

M.Sc.: Ankara University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Psychological Services at Education, 1996.

Subject: Mother-Child Interaction of Hearing Impaired Chilren Participating an Early Childhood Intervention Programme 

Undergraduate: Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Psychology.

Courses Given


  • ÇGE 107 Family and Life Dynamics
  • ÇGE 218 Terms and Concepts in Professional Literature
  • ÇGE 426 Seminar
  • ÇGE 431 Graduation Thesis Administration


  • ÇGE 515 Parent- Child Relations
  • PSİ 669 Development of Handicapped Children

Academic Areas of Interest

     A. Child Development and Education

  • Development of speech influency in preschool period 
  • Family counseling in preschool 
  • Creative drama in preschool education
  • Developmental theories
  • Assesment of cognitive development and measurement technics
  • Psychosocial development and assesment methods

    B. Special Education

  • Stuttering in preschool 
  • Family counseling in special education 
  • Inclusion in preschool 
  • Drama in special education 
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